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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Politicians that Voted for Health Care Reform

Senator Boxer
Senator Feinstein
Representative Mike Thompson District 1
Representative Doris Matsui District 5
Representative Lynn Woolsey District 6
Representative George Miller District 7
Representative Nancy Pelosi District 8
Representative Barbara Lee District 9
Representative John Garamendi District 10
Representative Jerry McNerney District 11
Representative Jackie Speier District 12
Representative Pete Stark District 13
Representative Anna G Eshoo District 14
Representative Michael M Honda District 15
Representative Zoe Lofren District 16
Representative Sam Farr District 17
Representative Dennis Carodza District 18
Representative Jim Costa District 20
Representative Lois Capps District 23
Representative Brad Sherman District 27
Representative Howard L Berman District 28
Representative Adam B Schiff District 29
Representative Henry A Waxman District 30
Representative Xavier Becerra District 31
Representative Judy Chu District 32
Representative Diane Watson District 33
Representative Lucille Roybal-Allard District 34
Representative Maxine Waters District 35
Representative Jane Harman District 36
Representative Laura Richardson District 37
Representative Grace F Napolitano District 38
Representative Linda T Sanchez District 39
Representative Joe Baca District 43
Representative Loretta Sanchez District 47
Representative Bob Filner District 51
Representative Susan A Davis District 53

Well there's your problem! Home State of Public Enemy Number 1. Both Senate seats and a whooping 34 Representatives voted for Health Care Reform. As one of the most heavily taxed States in the nation you can bet your bottom dollar that the people of this State do not want one more nickle going to fund failed governement programs. I expect that political analyst heads will be spinning over the ability of the people of this state to unite and support some of the most tremendous canidates in recent memory.

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