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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Politicians that Voted for Health Care Reform

Representative Al Green District 9
Representative Ruben Hinojosa District 15
Representative Silvestre Reyes District 16
Representative Shelia Jackson-Lee District 18
Representative Charlie Gonzalez District 20
Representative Ciro D Rodriguez District 23
Representative Lloyd Doggett District 25
Representative Solomon P Ortiz District 27
Representative Henry Cuellar District 28
Representative Gene Green District 29
Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson District 30

You can rest assured that the people of the great State of Texas will be heard.

Representative Al Green supports part of the problem that brought about the housing crisis to FHA, Fannie-Mae and Freddie-MAC. Then of course when the housing market fails again, I suppose that the banking industry will be blamed. The fact is that without an investment in something you have no vested interest or ability to lose anything in it.

Representative Ruben Hinojosa gives this message to his constituents in Spanish.

Representative Silvestre Reyes makes it clear that the House and the Senate are working to pass some kind of health care reform. He doesn't seem to care what that might be.

Representative Shelia Jackson-Lee has a more important phone call to take care of than speak with people at her town hall meeting.

Representative Charlie Gonzalez does not believe that the founders of the country had the foresight to realize the things that the governement would need to do. Be sure and pay attention to the bullet points on the overhead projector behind him on this one.

Representative Ciro D Rodriguez seems to say one thing here and vote a different way when the time came.

Representative Lloyd Doggett might find out how desperate people are at the polls in November.

Representative Solomon P Ortiz decided that the best way to avoid his constituents was to just not show up.

Representative Henry Cuellar is asked about the Constitutional right of the federal government to impose health care and he answers by pointing out that 46% of all health care is already provided by the government.

Representative Gene Green explains that the Constitution is a court issue not a legislative issue and the legislator is not concerned about the Constitution.

It is obvious that Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson is confused about the arguments of the free enterprise system.

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