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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Politicians that Voted for Health Care Reform

Senator Feingold
Senator Kohl
Representative Tammy Baldwin District 2
Representative Ron Kind District 3
Representative Gwen Moore District 4
Representative David R Obey District 7
Representative Steve Kagen District 8

Another State that had enough votes to have defeated the bill. The people of this State are ready to take back their State and Country.

Senator Feingold at a town hall meeting hearing what his constitutents want.

Senator Kohl makes a statement about the Health Care Bill and the benefits to seniors. Considering that America has now seen the bill did he just not understand it or is this just a lot of political posturing.

Representative Tammy Baldwin discusses how the Health Care Bill will have a positive impact on the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans-gender) community.

Representative Ron Kind talks about all of the things that he believes are in the Health Care Biil. You would have thought that being a member of the Ways and Means Committee that he might have actually read it. Unfortunately either he didn't read it or honestly believes this political dribble.

Representative Gwen Moore doesn't take the concerns of the American people serious. As a matter of fact she finds them laughable.

I have a few questions of my own for Representative David Obey. Such as, What is the current fiscal condition of medicare? or medicaid? Is the lack of payment for services the motivating force that is causing doctors and pharmacist to no longer accept these government run plans? Of course we can all smile in a condescending manner and tout our 40 years of experience while asking these questions.

This condensed down into just a few words what Representative Steve Kagen is really saying.

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