How should the United States Constitution be interpreted?

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Politicians that Voted for Health Care Reform

Senator Warner
Senator Webb
Representative Robert C Scott District 3
Representative Tom Perriello District 5
Representative James P Moran District 8
Representative Gerald E Connolly District 11

This is not at all a representation of Virginia. This is another State that with proper representation could have defeated the bill. A tried and true State, these people will not let this go without repercussions.

Senator Warner explains that there is no place in the Constitution for health care, but defends it by saying that there is no place in the Constitution that speaks about a telephone.

Senator Webb interogates our military officials as if they are criminals. I love the "gotcha" moment that he expected on the McChrystal 60 minutes interview that turns out to have been filmed 6 months sooner than he had thought.

It seems difficult to find anything that Robert Scott has done. Maybe the voters in Virginia wonder the same thing.

Representative Tom Perriello admits that "stealing" is a problem in politics. Wow!

Representative Jim Moran took a different approach at his town hall meetings, making sure that signs supporting the reform were distributed and bringing in supporters to tilt the debate in his favor.

Representative Gerald Connolly takes a really different approach at this town hall meeting by not making it open to the public, including his constituents.

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