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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Politicians that Voted for Health Care Reform

Senator Cantwell
Senator Murray
Representative Jay Inslee District 1
Representative Rick Larsen District 2
Representative Brian Baird District 3
Representative Norman D Dicks District 6
Representative Jim McDermott District 7
Representative Adam Smith District 9

Another example of a State with the votes that were necessary to defeat the bill. The people of Washington are not the problem, it is the politicians.

Here is Senator Cantwell expressing her opinion that Washington Attorney General should not be concerned about the Constitutional issues of Health Care Reform.

Senator Murray returns home for the Easter break and hears from the people that she is supposed to represent. She probably should have listened to them sooner.

Representative Jay Inslee insults the Washington Attorney General over filing a Constitutional objection to Health Care Reform.

Rick Larsen expected about 150 to show up at this town hall meeting. It was much larger and the most diverse. There are several youtube videos of the town hall meetings that he held and he is another in the list of politicians that look down their nose at the people that he is supposed to represent.

Representative Brian Baird hears from a US Marine at his town hall meeting.

Representative Norm Dicks responds at a town hall meeting with a statement that is known to be untrue.

Listen to what Representative Jim McDermott says and see what it means.

Representative Adam Smith talks about his version of hope.

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